Slides - is the Main FeatureBack to Top

Reveal Presentation Slides plugin is the best way:

Slides in Reveal Presentation Slides pluginBack to Top

  1. You can add as many slides as you wish.

    After installing Reveal Presentation Slides plugin (plugin Installation) follow these steps to add new and setup slides.

  2. Each slide can be assigned to any catogory and you can group slides by categories. More information about slides categories is HERE
  3. You can add any HTML, images or video for a slide.
  4. Switch on or off each slide to display
  5. Set autoplay of slides
  6. Set duration time of each slide
  7. Add speaker notes
  8. Manage speaker notes in separate window
  9. Manage slides in separate window.

    So you can manage speaker notes on your laptop and display slides on external bigger screen or projector

    manage slides

Don't waste your time and use RevealPresentation plugin

The next step is to setup Slides

Working with SlidesBack to Top

After installing plugin (plugin Installation) go to Dashboard → Slides → New Slide and create you first slide.

new slide

  1. Enter any title of a slide (it doesn't display on front-end)
  2. Enter content of a slide - it may be any image or HTML code. The best way to create slide with any software (Photoshop, Power Point) and save it like an image (jpeg, jpg, gif or png). You can try online slide builder Canva - - there are a lot of free designs. Feel free to add any HTML code for content.
    If your knowledge of HTML and CSS are poor it is better to create slide like an image and then add it to content of a slide. Press Add Media above content area, select and upload your image for a slide.

    how to add image to slide

  3. Slide Settings:

    Use this slide in slideshow - if you check this option, current slide will be displayed on the page. Default is checked.

  4. Autoslide Time:

    Duration time of current slide (works if enabled in Settings → Slides → Presentation Slides Settings → Enable Autoslide)

  5. Transition: Slide Transition there are 5 options for transition between slides.
  6. Speaker Notes:

    Here goes notes for speaker (any length text with HTML allowed). Speaker notes display in separate window and you can read it during your presentation.

    NOTE! To display speaker notes on front-end just press "S" on your keyboard.
  7. Background Settings:

    You can set Slide background color.

    You can set Full background image.

  8. The last option is Full background video. You can upload your video to your web-site, or insert external video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).

    To insert external video you should copy-paste html code provided by video hosting services like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

    For Youtube, read instructions HERE

    For Vimeo instructions HERE

    If you want fullscreen video - it is recommended way to add video to a slide.
  9. Autoplay video - play video when slide appears.
  10. Fill all fields and save slide.

How to group Slides by categories

It is very convenient to group Slides in categories. You can add as many categories for Slides as you need.

  1. First create new Category for Slides. Go to Dashboard → Slides → Categories. Add new Category.

    category for slides

  2. Then assign this category to any slide. Go to Dashboard → Slides → select any slide or create new one.

    From the right see Categories → All Categories find your desired category, check it and press "Update" or "Publish".

    add slide to category

  3. Create as many slides of each category as you need.
  4. Visit your site and watch how it looks on Front Page.

    subitems in menu on front page

  5. You even can add sub subitem and etc.

    sub subitem in menu on admin page

    subitems on front page

How to manage Slides with Speaker Notes

Speaker Notes is very convenient way to manage Slides and all your presentation.
  1. First go to Slides page of your front page.
    How to add link to your slides page:
    1. After you install Reveal Presentation plugin Go to Dashboard → Appearance → Menus select your Primary Menu (or create new with Display location checked as Primary Menu). primary menu
    2. On the left column you can see elements which you can add to menu, select Slides → View All → check Slides and click Add to Menu. Add slides to menu
    3. Now go to your front page and you should see new menu item appeared.Slides item on front page
  2. After theese steps navigate to Slides page on front page.
  3. To see Speaker Notes just press "S" on your keyboard.
  4. New modal window opens.
  5. Here you can see a little bit smaller duplication of main web-page, upcoming slide and notes. speaker notes
  6. It is better to use external monitor or projector for presentation.
    don't forget to extend your screen on both monitors
  7. Place Speaker Notes window on your laptop or desktop and main window on external monitor or projector screen. Here how it looks: external monitor use
  8. Now navigate on Speaker Notes window as usual (click down and up arrows on your keyboard or scroll mouse wheel or click navigation labels on the bottom right corner - orange by default).

    navigation labels

    Slides change on main window too.
  9. In Speaker Notes window you can see upcoming slide and, of course, Notes. You can read it or use like a plan of your presentation. How to add Speaker Notes you can read HERE.
  10. Watch short video "How to manage Slides in Reveal Presentation plugin"

Getting StartedBack to Top

This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this plugin, and provides answers and solutions to common problems. We encourage you to first read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties before contacting our support team.

Reveal Presentation plugin

Plugin Support

If you have a problem with the plugin or found a bug, please let us know via email We take pride in our customer support and we will do what we can to assist you. If you are experiencing a plugin issue, please first turn off all third party plugins to see if the problem persists.

Please note that support is only offered for Reveal Presentation plugin.

Plugin InstallationBack to Top

FTP Upload Installation

For now only manual installation is possible. First clone or download plugin from Github

Then manually upload your new WordPress plugin, login with your credentials to your website and locate the wp-content folder in your WordPress install files. Upload the zipped Revealpresentation folder into the: wp-content/plugins folder. And inside this folder extract .zip file. Below example of some Hosting provider File Manager: ftp upload

Once uploaded, activate the plugin by heading to the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Locate the Reveal Presentation plugin and hit “Activate”.

After successful installation in your Dashboard you should see a new Reveal Presentation plugin appeared

After activationBack to Top

  1. After activation you'll see a notice to install required plugins

    required plugins

    Press "Begin installing plugins" and install all required plugins

    required plugins install

    Now reload page! (Press F5)

    You'll notice that new menu items appeared "Slides", and in Settings "Slides"

    Later you'll know what it is

  2. Now add first slide. Go to Slides → New Slide and create first slide: you can name it as you like. Press "Publish".

    add new slide

  3. Then Go to Appearance → Menus. Now in left column there is Slides section. Click on it, select View All, check Slides and press Add to Menu. Press Save Menu

    add slide item to menu

  4. Now if you Visit Site you can see navigation menu appeared. By default navigation is in hidden mode, so press menu label menu label and menu slides down from top.

    main navigation on front

  5. Update your permalinks. Go to Settings → Permalinks and click "Save Changes"


  6. Congratulation! Your initial installation complete.

Settings → SlidesBack to Top

Reveal Presentation plugin comes with some additional options, which can be found on Dashboard → Settings → Slides.

  1. Slides Settings

    "Enable Autoslide" If enabled, slides change automatically every 15 seconds, but you can change time editing every slide. Go to Slides →Edit Slide.

  2. "Enable Slides continous loop" - If enabled, after last slide goes first (click left arrow or right arrow or swipe left - right on mobile devices).

    slides settings

  3. Background Title Text - Background Text when slides change. It could be you product name, webpage name or else.
  4. Select your website main navigation to display on Slides page. By default no navigation appears on Slides page. But you can set you navigation menu for Slides page.
    Note! First create navigation for your slides or use any existed navigation menus for you slides.

    It is recommended to create new items in main navigation for your slides. How to create navigation for slides. After you've created navigation or added new item (category for slides) to your existed navigation, in Settings → Slides appears new item in selected list. This list is navigation location name under title "Select your website main navigation to display on Slides page".

    Select your navigation location name (location for menus is below your menu on "Menu Settins" - "Display location").

    Save Changes.

How to add navigation for SlidesBack to Top

  1. The best way to add navigation menu items for Slides is to group them in categories. For instance, let's call it "Slides".

    Go to Dashboard → Appearance → Menus, click Categories → View All on the left, check any category you need and click Add to Menu.

    menu categories

  2. Visit your site and watch how it looks on Front Page.

    subitems in menu on front page

ShortcutsBack to Top

  1. Press "F" for fullscreen mode. Press the »ESC« key to exit fullscreen mode.
  2. Press "S" to call Speaker Notes window.
  3. Press "Esc" or "o" keys to toggle the overview mode on and off.
  4. Autosliding can be paused or resumed by pressing "A" on the keyboard. Sliding is paused automatically as soon as the user starts navigating.